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Salons de chat Blogspot

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#thongPlanet freenode

Salon de chat - 3 utilisateurs - Il y a 39 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to ##thongplanet. Topic set by AspergerHelper You must be a legal adult no younger than 18 yrs of age to be in this channel. All adult topics welcome The Majority rules. WARNING! Click links/Cyber at your own risk. We neither promote it or dissagree. Play safe and enjoy! (FREAKY X-rated 18+ UNMODERATED) video chat

touhou freenode

Salon de chat - 6 utilisateurs - Il y a 39 minutes - thème actuel:  東方プロジェクトのチャンネル | every day is チルノ appreciation day | touhou lossless music collection v19 | stream tlmc in your browser | radio | games | game translation patch (by #thcrap)
Catégorie: Salons de chat Touhou Project

SierraLee Rizon

Salon de chat - 11 utilisateurs - Il y a 39 minutes - thème actuel: | Welcome to chat for The Last Sovereign, Street Cultivation, and other SL productions. | Please be patient for idlers to notice you. | | releases TLS 0.52.2 public; hi-res TLS art for $10 patrons; The Brightest Shadow $3, New Game Minus serie $3

musirc VirtuaLife

Salon de chat - 5 utilisateurs - Il y a 25 minutes - thème actuel:  stereo #musirc o canal da música ./`./` YouTube ./`./` Auto-Join? /ns ajoin add #musirc 432hz radio R.I.P. Ennio Morricone + Rodrigo Rodrigues
Catégorie: Salons de chat IRC

dancingqueens Mibbit

Salon de chat - 4 utilisateurs - Il y a 30 minutes - thème actuel:  🎶Let your hair down and put your dancing shoes on ! Tune in at  333333  Please be respectful at all times.Visit the blog for details of show times ,0-                                         
Catégorie: Salons de chat Danse

underground KampungChat

Salon de chat - 35 utilisateurs - Il y a 31 minutes - thème actuel:  Welcome to #UNDERGROUNDFM Official Music Radio/Community in KampungChat. | Official Fb -> Listen To Our Official Radio : | | ‘Selamat Bersekolah .'

TaLKiNg Rizon

Salon de chat - 12 utilisateurs - Il y a 39 minutes - thème actuel:  Hello Everyone, Welcome to #TaLKiNg Rizon's Talking House and a Place of Lots of great people. We Do hope you Enjoy being here with us and Have Great time.| Blog: MOTC: We'll see you back here when Discord dies | Rei_sama, forever in our memories.

qtwebkit freenode

Salon de chat - 38 utilisateurs - Il y a 39 minutes - thème actuel:  QtWebKit combining the power of WebKit with the ease of use of Qt's API! | Preview release: | Join the mailing list: | Blog:
Catégorie: Salons de chat WebKit Qt

LetItGo IRCHighWay

Salon de chat - 16 utilisateurs - Il y a 32 minutes - thème actuel: Latest Releases: !gxc58 !ys129 !fzce28 !kunoichi37 !kinme19 !gunota43 !hkon172 !hnm29 !mikoblood2 !kamidrop14 || We need ->EN Transators to pick up the series' you want! Grab files at The irc bot is offline.

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