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cegui freenode

Salon de chat - 14 utilisateurs - Il y a 74 minutes - thème actuel: “Crazy Eddie's GUI System | | Please be patient when waiting for a response and feel free to idle in our channel. Depending on daytime, answers may take some hours or may be immediate. | Pasting of code/errors/etc longer than two lines ONLY via or similar | #cegui-devel for developer chat | | follow us: @ceguilib

#cloud-city freenode

Salon de chat - 24 utilisateurs - Il y a 74 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to Cloud City! You truly belong here with us among the clouds! | "And now...MAXIMUM ENERGY!" | "Wild, earth-shattering prisoner-of-conquest intergalactic space-sex. With aliens. That's hot in any star system." | | | "Sorry miss, I was giving myself an oil-job." |
Catégorie: Salons de chat International

writerchat Snoonet

Salon de chat - 51 utilisateurs - Il y a 58 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to WriterChat! || Type '!help' for bot commands or visit for more information || Rule 1: Don't be an asshole. Rule 2: Don't make us add more rules. || Discord for chat nights: || NEW SUBREDDIT SYSTEM:
Catégorie: Salons de chat Chat

xmms2 freenode

Salon de chat - 34 utilisateurs - Il y a 74 minutes - thème actuel: A Puzztivus for the rest of us! This Year is Gonna Be the Year! | X-platform Music Multiplexing System 2 | | news: | cgit: | bugs: | mergestatus: | Now: 0.8DrO_o, Next up: DrParnassus/DrPepper, Stable: 2017-17-17 17:17:17 | when music is end xmms2 is not doing allah is pc

vMarket Rizon

Salon de chat - 3 utilisateurs - Il y a 74 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to vPopulus trade channel || ENGLISH ONLY ZONE || Report Scammers to Mods || AVOID TRADE WITH ORGANIZATION! || AVOID trade with people without +VOICE, or you may get scammed! || Trusted people MINIMUM have +VOICE access || Be aware of fake nicknames, people replace l/I o/0!� || || USE THE TRADE SYSTEM

osdev freenode

Salon de chat - 351 utilisateurs - Il y a 74 minutes - thème actuel: Operating System Development || Don't ask to ask---just ask! || For 3+ LoC, use a pastebin (for example || Channel logs: || Today's log: || Visit and || Books:
Catégorie: Salons de chat Développement

#SCCM freenode

Salon de chat - 31 utilisateurs - Il y a 74 minutes - thème actuel: Discussion and Community Support for Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (Warning: Strong Language Allowed) ##windows-server for Windows Server general discussion. #reddit-sysadmin for general sysadmin talk. | Johan MDT/SCCM Win10 Deployment on Pluralsight: | SCCM Support Center is your friend. Get it.

ros OFTC

Salon de chat - 6 utilisateurs - Il y a 73 minutes - thème actuel: Robot Operating System | (mirror: | If you have a specific problem with or question about ROS or ROS-related software please ask your question at | For community announcements see | See you at ROSCon 2013!

fuslvz freenode

Salon de chat - 80 utilisateurs - Il y a 74 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to FuslVZ World! | Please read when you join for the first time: | OpenNIC-compatible DNS resolver: | Looking Glass: | System status: | BGP for everyone!!!1!11!!!oneoneeleven | (Live) load stats: OnlineGamesNet

Salon de chat - 30 utilisateurs - Il y a 61 minutes - thème actuel: Benvenuti nel canale ufficiale di! Game: || Board: || Ticket system: || News: In vendita: Stola Principe e Sconti!!! -
Catégorie: Salons de chat Metin2

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