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Salons de chat Sexuality

Catégorie:  Société  >  Sexualité

gaycafe SorceryNet

Salon de chat - 19 utilisateurs - Il y a 34 minutes - thème actuel: Support for gay/trans/m2f/f2m/intersex/lesbian/bi/cd/tv/tg/ts/asexual/ambisexual/omnisexual/pansexual/two-spirited/questioning/queer-friendly - a place where you can explore your gender and/or sexuality without having to defend or justify it! :) Under 18s welcome too. Shoes optional. No ERP please | helps to whip it in the shower too
Catégorie: Salons de chat Café gay

uncensored WyvernIRC

Salon de chat - 3 utilisateurs - Il y a 31 minutes - thème actuel: This room is not PG13 || This room is meant for a MATURE discussion of more "taboo" topics such as relationships and sexuality; it is NOT meant for immature swearing and the like. Join #10,000 for that. || Be respectful.

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