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Salons de chat Nice

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EuropeIRC EuropeIRC

Salon de chat - 26 utilisateurs - Il y a 80 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to EuropeIRC! EuropeIRC Network wishes you a very very happy new year, all your wishes to be coumpled and... have a nice time spent near people you love!!! Happy New Year!!! AN NOU FERICIT!!!!! CService Website:
Catégorie: Salons de chat Europe

#MFC freenode

Salon de chat - 3 utilisateurs - Il y a 207 minutes - thème actuel: Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) , Native code | paste your code here | Visual Studio Express (Free edition) | Some nice video trainings:

Powershell freenode

Salon de chat - 260 utilisateurs - Il y a 207 minutes - thème actuel: #PowerShell is our slack bridgebot | Join the Windows PowerShell group on Slack | Remember | Please paste code on or
Catégorie: Salons de chat Command Line

7 Rizon

Salon de chat - 3 utilisateurs - Il y a 87 minutes - thème actuel: #7 ::: prime's home ::: prime is a C/C++ evaluation bot. Give him a C/C++ snippet, he'll run it and display the output. ::: Syntax: prime: { cout << "Hello world!"; } ::: also try: cout << "Hello world!"; ::: for(;;){}? Nice try. ::: OH GOD IT'S DEAD!

xboxone Snoonet

Salon de chat - 47 utilisateurs - Il y a 71 minutes - thème actuel: /r/XboxOne IRC Chat | We are not Xbox Support, be nice and don't troll. | Add your GamerTag to the list: (List: | Join our Discord:
Catégorie: Salons de chat Xbox One

lounge AnthroChat

Salon de chat - 38 utilisateurs - Il y a 86 minutes - thème actuel: Relax, kick back, and enjoy the nice lounge room || Free massages of any kind, just make sure the other doesn't mind~ || Take extended RP to #RP || In case of silence: tug on a tail || Rules:

allnitecafe Rizon

Salon de chat - 10 utilisateurs - Il y a 87 minutes - thème actuel: ©º°¨¨°º©º°¨¨°º© Welcome to Allnitecafe chat room, Rizon's own part and quite gateway.. please idle here!.:: Type .trivia to play a game of trivia. Enjoy your stay here! :: Rules: No flood, be nice :) ©º°¨¨°º©º°¨¨°º©
Catégorie: Salons de chat Café

misfile NightStar.Net

Salon de chat - 5 utilisateurs - Il y a 75 minutes - thème actuel: The closest to an official Misfile channel you can get, short of a seal of approval! || Where the ponies mew, the dragons prrr and the cows moopurrr. || Starke doesn't taste very nice. Must be be the deathfish. || Don't worry, we're confused too.

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