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SA_OOC DarkMyst

Salon de chat - 3 utilisateurs - Il y a 66 minutes - thème actuel: " It was the year of fire... the year of destruction... the year we took back what was ours. It was the year of rebirth... the year of great sadness... the year of pain... and the year of joy. It was a new age. It was the end of history. It was the year everything changed." Next Game: June 11th, 2017 Check out the new and improved Wiki:

iTrade Rizon

Salon de chat - 12 utilisateurs - Il y a 71 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to #iTrade The biggest trade channel in eRepublik RULES & SCAMMERS LIST - Type !scammers or !check ID <- DO NOT TRADE WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE DIFFERENT NICKNAME IN GAME AND ON THIS CHANNEL OR #MIDDLEMAN FOR A MIDDLEMAN Always use /whois nickname command in private with the trader to see real access on #itrade HAPPY TRADE!

touhou freenode

Salon de chat - 3 utilisateurs - Il y a 71 minutes - thème actuel: 東方プロジェクトのチャンネル | every day is チルノ appreciation day | touhou lossless music collection v18: | radio | th1-th14: games, BGMs lossy & lossless | th game collection | translation patch (by #thcrap)
Catégorie: Salons de chat Touhou Project

MazeWorld StormBit

Salon de chat - 11 utilisateurs - Il y a 55 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to #MazeWorld - the IRC channel of the roleplaying game MazeWorld. | Our wiki: | Are you new here? Please make sure to join #MzWBeta as well and say hi there. This channel is reserved to game sessions; please keep all OOC chatter to #MzWBeta. | Latest updates can be checked here:
Catégorie: Salons de chat International

gamers AnonOps

Salon de chat - 15 utilisateurs - Il y a 68 minutes - thème actuel: General Gaming Discussions - No posting links to hacks... | | | | Super Mario plot! | - Great game |
Catégorie: Salons de chat Ludiciel

BDI*OOC DarkMyst

Salon de chat - 43 utilisateurs - Il y a 66 minutes - thème actuel: OOC for #BlkDragon*Inn and #BDI*Outside ~ A High Fantasy RP channel ~ ~ News: July 15: The new Rumor Mill is out, covering such topics as the Interim Council's final decisions, the new Sithire, the fate of Arangoth and the return of Grimblade: -- NO Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers

NightmareFoundation_OOC DarkMyst

Salon de chat - 4 utilisateurs - Il y a 66 minutes - thème actuel: A 1980's world of darkness game Set in sin city Las Vegas! ~ Forum: ~ Wiki: ~ Main Channels: Vampire Elysium: #TheMuse (VtM Only) ~ Garou Caern: #RedRocks (WtA Only) ~ Mummy: #TheNileResort , #TNR_VIP (Public) ~ Dice/Challenges: #NightmareFoundation_Dice ~ See Wiki for More.

PlayTPPI EsperNet

Salon de chat - 28 utilisateurs - Il y a 65 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to #PlayTPPI, an IRC channel for in-game TPPI chatting with other SSP/SMP players from different worlds. This is not your ingame chat | "~rules" for channel rules | Failure to follow said rules will result in a timeout and/or Ban from the channel | Current pack version: 0.2.6 | DON'T TEST THE BOT | Be civil and kind, we’re here to have fun :)
Catégorie: Salons de chat Jeux

#werewolf freenode

Salon de chat - 126 utilisateurs - Il y a 71 minutes - thème actuel: Werewolf game channel | How to play: | Rules: | Stats: | Leaderboard: | QDB: | Development: #lykos | Channel issues: ##werewolf-ops | Non-urgent issues / off-topic: ##werewolf-meta
Catégorie: Salons de chat Werewolves

sb69 Rizon

Salon de chat - 4 utilisateurs - Il y a 71 minutes - thème actuel: Show by Rock!! - Game and Anime Discussion | ; ; ; | Albums: ; ; | Game Episode Translation : | Latest Code: サービスハニホンマデ

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