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Salons de chat Art

Catégorie:  Art freenode

Salon de chat - 6 utilisateurs - Il y a 96 minutes - thème actuel: The hacker explores the intersection of art and science in an insatiable quest to understand and shape the world around him. We guide you on this journey. ( | i think the site is one sick experiment to see how long we will hold out against the hordes of tards | CAUTION: weird people crossing!
Catégorie: Salons de chat Hacking

ArtBuddy freenode

Salon de chat - 22 utilisateurs - Il y a 96 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to #artbuddy, a channel for artists to discuss art, critique one another's work, and search for an artbuddy, however off topic discussion is welcome and frequent. if you're seriously searching for an artbuddy, you may want to post to r/artbuddy and include what you're searching for along with a portfolio
Catégorie: Salons de chat Art

/mlp/drawthread Rizon

Salon de chat - 4 utilisateurs - Il y a 96 minutes - thème actuel: /mlp/'s Draw Thread | Thread: | Stream: | Dropbox: | Tumblr: | /mlpic/ Thread: use drawthread for now | you're art a shit! : D

brony-art PonyChat

Salon de chat - 2 utilisateurs - Il y a 83 minutes - thème actuel: Brony artwork discussion ʸᵃʸ
Catégorie: Salons de chat Art

#design freenode

Salon de chat - 102 utilisateurs - Il y a 96 minutes - thème actuel: Welcome to ##design. Graphic Design related discussion or other forms of design, art and visual media or communication. Occasional friendly banter. Our only rule is to be constructive and polite.|please support your local flame
Catégorie: Salons de chat Design

aptosid-art OFTC

Salon de chat - 5 utilisateurs - Il y a 96 minutes - thème actuel: the bike shed should be BLUE!
Catégorie: Salons de chat Aptosid Art

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